“How are you feeling today?”

The psychological benefits of being asked this question are well documented. MoodPrism asks you a few short scientifically validated questions every day to help you accurately record your mood state.

We believe that simply asking these questions can help users get in touch with how they feel, both consciously and unconsciously. Bringing awareness to how you feel can help you make better decisions, boost your mental health, and lead to a more fulfilling life.


MoodPrism creates a slick, colourful, intuitive, and interactive mood diary to track your moods over time. You can view your mood diary up close, looking at the individual days and events that may have lead up to your mood state, or zoom out to get a broader picture of your mood over weeks. The app is also full of suggestions of where to find more information about mental health and well-being.

Furthermore, if a user is feeling consistently low or depressed, the app will prompt them to seek help and suggest places to find reliable mental health information. This will help vulnerable users find support early on, preventing decline into mental illness.

We all have mental health.

We all have ups and downs and it’s important that we take care of ourselves. The features of MoodPrism will help people of all different backgrounds get better in touch with themselves. This can help people have more ups and fewer downs, ultimately leading to better mental health, less chance of depression and anxiety, and greater psychological flourishing.

After research

The research being conducted using MoodPrism will lead to further advances in the prevention of mental health issues. The goal of this research is to predict mental health outcomes simply by looking at patterns of smartphone use. This will enable private, confidential, and non-invasive monitoring of vulnerable individuals to help them seek support before mental health issues worsen.