Research using MoodPrism

Research is essential to make sure that health apps like MoodPrism actually help people.  We think MoodPrism will be an important and enjoyable way of monitoring emotional health, but we need your help to show this. 

Beyondblue has funded a team of researchers led by Adjunct Associate Professor Nikki Rickard from Monash University to test how useful this app is for all types of users.

You have the opportunity to play an important part in this research, which may help many people to improve their well-being and prevent mental health problems.

Want to participate?

We are seeking participants 13 years or over, who currently use any type of mobile device (such as an iPhone, android phone, iPad or tablet).

You may need to download a mobile app and use it for a month.  This will involve completing about an hour’s worth of surveys at the start (which you can do in several chunks if you want), and then answering short questions (2 mins) when prompted by the app daily. The app will also collect information about mobile phone usage, including music use patterns and social networking activities.

Participants will go into the draw to win one of three iPads.

All information collected is de-identified and completely confidential.

Register your interest in participating:

All data will remain confidential. Responses marked with * are compulsory.

Download information about participating HERE, or if you are under 18, find information for your parents HERE.

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