To figure out how certain smartphone apps can benefit users' mental health, we need to scientifically evaluate the apps through research. By participating in this research, you will contribute to the scientific community's understanding of mental health and how smartphone apps might be used to improve the well-being of people all over the world.

We are seeking people who own and use an Apple iPhone of any model, as the apps we are trialling are only available on iOS. After submitting your email address below, you will be contacted with details about participation. This will involve completing up to three online surveys, each one month apart, and potentially the use of an iPhone app between the surveys.

All information collected for research is deidentified and confidential.

Upon conclusion you will be given access to MoodPrism, a mood tracking app being developed by Monash University

Completing participation in this research will enter you in the draw to win one of three iPads.

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