Student participation

Adolescence is a unique time period throughout the lifespan that poses new challenges that can be distinct from childhood and adulthood. For some, these challenges can be overwhelming and can adversely affect emotional well-being. This can negatively influence important features of student functioning which can lead to undesirable outcomes like poor academic performance and strained peer relationships.

With the rising rates of smartphone use among high school students, MoodPrism becomes an easy and effective way for students to engage with their feelings, becoming more aware of them, and better understanding themselves. In doing so, students can take advantage of the mental health benefits afforded by MoodPrism to improve emotional well-being and positively contribute to overall school functioning.  

What we can provide for your school

If you think that your class, year level, or entire school would benefit from using MoodPrism, you can organise a presentation by MoodPrism researchers for your peers/students by contacting us. These presentations give an overview of MoodPrism, how it is used, and how it can help students improve their mental well-being.

Because MoodPrism also acts as a data collection tool, MoodPrism researchers can provide feedback about the well-being of particular groups of individuals. Before accessing MoodPrism, students from your school will be given a unique code that they will need to input when requested by the app. Schools can request MoodPrism researchers to return after a month/3 months/6 months to present staff with an overview of the mental health and well-being of their students.