Why should I link MoodPrism to my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr?

Most of us use Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr every day. We let our friends know how we are feeling, what we are doing, and share photos and events. All of this information can tell us a lot about people’s mood and mental health. If you choose to link your social media accounts with MoodPrism your data will help us understand how social media use can be used in research to examine mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

How am I helping other people?

When you use MoodPrism you will not only be able to track your moods over time, you will also be helping vulnerable people by participating in research. When you link your social media accounts with MoodPrism you are helping us to develop better ways track mental health that may help us to identify serious mental health issues in a proactive and unobtrusive way.

What happens to my information and how will it be used?

The information you share with MoodPrism will be kept completely anonymous. If you choose to link your social media accounts with MoodPrism it will collect information about how you use social media and the times you are using it. MoodPrism will NOT collect the content of your posts but it will generate a score of the positive and negative emotional words you are using (e.g. lol, happy, sad). This information will ONLY be available to the researchers on this project.


Your information will be kept completely private and confidential. MoodPrism will never post anything on your behalf and will only use your information for research purposes